I am a second year PhD student in Existential Robotics Lab of UCSD, and my advisor is Professor Nikolay Atanasov. I am interested in computer vision and its application on mobile platforms, such as UAVs and cars.

I obtained my Bachelor's degree from Naitional University of Singapore. After graduation, I joined the NUS UAV Research Group and worked at Temasek Laboratories for two years.

The full list of my publications is in Google Scholar, ResearchGate, and dblp.

My professional profile is in LinkedIn. My English name is Shane.

In my spare time, I enjoy reading detective and Sci Fi novels, and writing. A Myestery Trip in the US is published in the Chinese Mystery Magazine, A Myestery Trip in the UK is published in the Chinese Mystery Weekly, and my Sci Fi novel is The Forth Law of Robotics.